Layo Adelakun 

Why are bios so hard to write?

To start off I just want to say I'm torn on what to put here. you see I WANT to write "about me" but I don't want to do it in the traditional way. I could use this spot to tell you that I'm a hard worker and have an unwavering passion for creating and helping others. I can talk about the detail I put into all of my projects and how much I would value working with you. 

But at the same time, I just want to tell you about my love for cartoons, and how cereal just might be my favorite food. I want to brag about how I took this photo myself and why I'm obsessed with this shirt. I want to tell you that this website is all my thoughts and emotions just thrown into one place. But most importantly I want to talk TO YOU, because you probably clicked on this tab to see "what I'm about", maybe even to double-check my credibility. So really this page is "About Us".  It's about how and why we relate, about why you might click on one more tab before exiting out. This tab is about your instant connection to me without ever even meeting me. This tab is our introductions to each other. 

Will we collaborate one day, will you book me, will our paths cross? the world may never know. 

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let's be friends.